When do you use OsseoSeal vs other collagen membranes?

@drdangober Do you exclusively use OsseoSeal now, as opposed to other membranes? Are there specific clinical situations where you would opt to use a stiffer membrane vs OsseoSeal Membrane?

That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure its a good idea to use anything “exclusively”. Every indication should depend on the particular case and its objectives. I would say that for the majority of my GBR procedures, I favor using OsseoSeal because of its flexibility and adaptability. In general, GBR procedures require good adaptation of the membrane to the graft material and the surrounding native bone to help maintain the space and exclude the soft tissue progenitor cells. OsseoSeal is easily adaptable when you place it dry and then moisten it in place- it basically “sucks-down” over the area and creates a great seal over the graft and surrounding bone. But in order to do this properly, you must have adequate flap reflection and great access to the site and graft. There are a few scenarios when I prefer to use something else which has slightly more rigidity to it- like the Neomem membrane. When I am placing the membrane through a tunnel/pouch or inside the wall of a socket, I need more rigidity so that the membrane doesn’t collapse on itself while placing it or packing in the graft. I find that OsseoSeal is not ideal for that particular situation. I hope this answers your question.