Placement Technique for OsseoSeal Collagen Membrane

Recently, when the clinical situation called for a collagen membrane, I’ve been reaching for OsseoSeal Collagen Membrane. One of my favorite properties of OsseoSeal membrane is its intimate adaptability to the graft material and surrounding native bone. With its ability to contour to the regenerative area, we can be confident in its barrier function.

A few colleagues have asked me about my placement technique for the OsseoSeal membrane.

An easy way to apply the membrane is as follows:

  • Hold the membrane when its dry by the site of application.

  • Slowly drop small droplets of saline or anesthetic solution. The membrane soaks the liquid and immediately adapts.

  • Once fully wet and in place, you can proceed to advance the flap without any concern of the membrane moving during suturing.

Please describe the gut suture on the mid labial aspect: the technic to place it and the
rationale for placing it. Thank you

This is an internal horizontal mattress suture which functions as a tension-relieving device for primary closure. It is hard to describe it only in words. There is a video on the website that describes this particular suture in detail. I hope this is helpful. Suturing for Tension-Free Primary Wound Closure

Thank you for sharing this case and the protocol for applying a collagen membrane.
This case lends itself to the use of a form stable graft that will hold itself in place without a membrane and therefore without the extended incisions needed to secure the membrane to a bony surface.
There are four or five of these more advanced materials around today with great documentation supporting them. Most are synthetic and fully resorbing so create the space for more new bone.