Zimmer TSV: Surface supposed to be kept subcrestally?

pt had a Zimmer TSV implant placed 2 years ago overseas. He is not able to get all the related information from the treating dentist. It seems like a ⌀4.7mm implant fixture.
Good OH and the bone width looks good.
The cover screw is almost fully exposed.
Not sure why the implant was placed supercrestally. It does not look like there’s significant horizontal bone resorption.

I am not familier with Zimmer implant system. I checked the Zimmer catalog and was wondering if this implant has a machined surface at the coronal part of the fixture. if it is, is the machined surface supposed to be kept coronal to the bone level?

Tim Carter comments:

That appears to be a traditional TSV so yes the coronal 2mm is polished. While it is not ideal placement it should not pose a problem. I suspect this was probably placed flapless without accounting for the soft tissue height. Proceed with the restoration

Brian comments:

Shouldn’t be an issue at all, I agree not ideal placement but completely restorable. I’d suggest TEHA scan and Bella Tek custom abutment will help immensely

Steve comments:

4.7 implant.

You’ll be fine restoring, warn the pt they may get food trapped around it before impressing. But it’ll be fine .

Elie Warde DDS comments:

That implant was placed flapless. Prep all the supracrestal exposed part of the implant with a diamond bur and create a champfer margin 0.5 mm subgingival. The prep part of the implant will be part of the abutment. Better to do a screw retained PFM or a Monolithic zirconia crown using a plastic castable UCLA.