Will this cantilever be fine or use small diameter Implants?

I have a female patient, 54 yrs,non smoker, controlled diabetic, missing #4,#5, available space is approximately 10 or 11mm,. (diameters of virtual implants seen in x ray is, mesial 3.5mm distal 3.3)

My questions is: In the available space which is better option

  • 1. A mesial or distal cantilever, or
  • 2. Two small diameter implants.

Thank you all

mark comments:

#4 = 3.5 x 11 $5 = 3.5 x 15

Frank comments:

Put one implant in the center, 3mm apical to projected tooth collar. It works fine to restore with a double premolar.

osseonews comments:

interesting comments. agree with 3.5