Which implant brand is this?

Pt presented having implants placed several years ago at another office. The implant is around 4mm sub-gingival so I can’t see it. I cannot identify which brand to order transfer comings. Any info would be helpful. Thank you

art greenwald comments:

3 I

mwjdds,ms comments:

my guess is a nobel biocare NP. if you have any lab analogs, try the healing abutment onto a lab analog. Is the healing abutment color coded? does it take a hex (3i), or a star drive (nobel)? Otherwise you may have to flap the implant to see the internal connection. That will tell you for sure. Unfortunately it can also be a non mainstream implant which will make it much more difficult to diagnose. Good luck!

1dr2th comments:

Replace select, 3.5. Narrow platform.

kenH comments:

I agree, likely to be Nobel Replace … they come in the older Tri-channel (triangular shape internally) and Conical connection (internal hex) … I think this is likely to be the Tri channel.

Guest comments:

Let the patient ask the previous dentist! Is it that hard?

John T comments:

I've been rattling on about this problem for years. It never ceases to amaze me how many implant patients have no idea what type of implant they have had stuck in their head. I wonder whether they know the make, model and year of their car? Can I make a plea for all implant dentists to: (a) invest in a laminator (b) at the completion of treatment hand your patient a laminated sheet with the date of placement, brand, model, catalogue reference number, and dimensions, etc of the implants you have placed and instruct them to keep it in a safe place for future reference. It really isn't rocket science.