What happened to Tissue Level Implants?

I used to place a lot of Blue Sky Bio One Stage (Straumann clone) fixtures and honestly stopped only because I needed a system which was more in line with what my referrals desired and I needed company support to help call on my referrals. Currently I do have a financial interest with ZimVie but I am amazed at how well these tissue level fixtures hold up over time. For those of you that have been at this for a while could you please help me figure out why our profession essentially abandoned such a great product/concept. Even in cases such as the one here in which the restoration is suspect the hard and soft tissue response to these fixtures is amazing. While I chose to abandon this product for a more locally well accepted product I think if I were in a position as a general dentist I would have a really hard time staying away from such a simple and great product…

I discovered the TL about 5 years ago. Love them. I use mostly Straumann TL for molars all the time. Try some TLX also. And a few Hiossen SS (their Tissus level).
Strong, stable, great for soft tissue.

Emergence profile has become a priority topic. Now that we know how much tissue and bone is needed for long term stability, we can focus on cleansibility… which in my opinion was a short fall of the trans-mucsal implant. Having said that, i see a number of manufacturers having added this style of implant to their product lines.

Tissue level has always been better than bone level for preventing bone loss, just ask Dr. Craig Misch “Current Trends in Bone Augmentation”. Straumann also offers a wider platform another advantage, your right its a great product.