Wear complete denture initial 3 months after implant placement?

The patient is currently wearing a denture and wishes to upgrade their existing lower complete denture to an implant-retained denture. I was wondering if it is possible for the patient to continue wearing their current complete denture during the initial three months after two implants are placed and left submerged (with cover screws).
what about the first 2 week healing period?

I would have the patient wear the existing denture post surgery, even during the first 2 weeks. If needed you can place a tissue conditioner for comfort.

I will do the same without a tissue conditioner as it will accumulates plaque and bacteria

I would identify the location of the implants, reduce the denture in these areas, then tissue condition. I am not concerned about plaque accumulation is I would have the pt return for 1 and 2 wk post ops to instruct and monitor the condition of the TC.

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I’ll vote for the tissue conditioner with denture relief.

do you apply the tissue conditioner on the entire intaglio surface of the denture??