Waiting period to restore implants?

Back when I first started placing implants (1998) we were waiting 6 months on the maxilla and 4 months on the mandible before restoring. I’m wondering what the consensus is today and what everyone is doing as far as waiting period? Also do you differentiate for immediate placement vs non immediate? Thanks for your input

Today, I use the initial torque reading (35ncm) and ISQ reading (70plus) as my criteria to immediately restore an implant with a temporary. The temporary crown(s) are out of occlusion and function for 3 months. If I do not restore for any reason at implant placement, I perform the ISQ reading at 3 months regardless of arch when I’m ready to restore. I do not do a reverse torque reading at this time; if the implant moves when removing the healing abutment or surgical healing cap, I wait another 2 months before repeating the same protocol.

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