Unknnown Implant

Anyone know what type of Implant this is? No internal threads.

Please remove the patient name from the 2nd photo and reupload. Deleted that image for now.

Could that possibly be an Integrated Abutment Crown. BICON advocates these for use in their implants. Take a look at the BICON web site to see what I mean. I do not think that is an implant attached to the crown. I believe it is the abutment.

While I have never used the product I believe what you have is a press/tap fit abutment from Bicon…

Here is the link to what this is.

Bicon Integrated Abutment Crown

I have never placed a Bicon implant but have restored many probably 15 years ago. The anterior crowns tend to come loose like this. I have had a few that as a last resort have had to add a touch of cement which is not the recommended protocol or put the implant to sleep because the Morse taper would no longer hold the original or a new crown.

Thank you that is exactly what I did

One dentist in Europe tried to drill out the back for screw access and another tried to hammer it in

For now the bit of cement seems to be working