Type of implant?

New patient. Trying to figure out which implant system this is. Any ideas?

Tim Carter comments:

#31 and #20/21 look like Nobel Replace while the others look to be of the parallel walled type as the end cutting feature is visible. You could access the abutment screws and visualize the platform for better identification.

Tim Carter comments:

It also looks like the typical type of bone loss often observed around a Nobel Tri Lobe connection which ultimately led to the discontinuation of the platform...

John Townend comments:

I'm always banging on about this problem of the unidentifiable implant at implant meetings. I never cease to be amazed at how many patients are walking about with dental implants in their head and have no idea of their identity. I would urge all viewers of the OsseoNews website to invest in a laminator and a printer. On completion of a case hand your patient a laminated sheet with details of your name and address, the teeth you have restored, the date of implant placement, the implant manufacturer (and address), the implant system used, the implant dimensions and the catalogue reference number. It's hardly rocket science and in my opinion should be taught as standard practice on all implant training courses. I cannot speak for the US but in the UK, under the medical devices regulations there is no legal requirement for patients to be provided with information regarding medical devices with which they have been implanted (e.g. artificial heart valves or bone plates) UNLESS THAT DEVICE IS A CUSTOM MADE DEVICE. Crazy, or what?! Moreover I would argue that, while a dental implant fixture is not a custom made device, the moment a laboratory restoration is fitted to it it becomes part of a custom-made device and in law the patient should be informed of the data I have outlined. So far as I am aware this has not been tested in the courts. Regardless of legal hair splitting how about the dental implant community leading the way on this issue.

Mahijeet Singh Puri comments:

Why you want to identify

Eddy comments:

Implant direct

Cetin Sevim comments:

I fully agree with John Townend. We are also often surprised about patients not knowing which type of implants they have. And they are also not able to get this info. In our clinic we have a strict policy: every patient gets an implant pass. And they know they have keep it as long as they live. More importantly: why!

Derrick Veneman comments:

Identify my Implant by Preat Corp is a good resource, they have an app for iPhone and Android. You up load a picture of your implant and they should be able to identify it for you. There is also a company called Spotimplant on google, also whatimplantisthat.com is a good resource. Good Luck

Dr. Jennifer Watters comments:

Nobel replace