Two implants or cantilever?

upper left lateral and canine are missing
Would you prefer to place just one implant is this kind of situation or two?
If two, the lateral incisor area definitely requires buccal contour bone grafting. Besides, the distance between 2 implants are only around 2mm.
But if only cantilever,my concerns is the pt does not have mandibular posterior teeth at this stage, and the lower canaine is slightly protruding (has a crown)

One implant with cantilever. Why is it that the lateral will require a buccal contour graft only if a fixture is to be placed? If it lacks contour then that will be an issue with or without a fixture and in most circumstances contour is better addressed via soft tissue rather than with particles of bone dust.

Hello, More information about the occlusion, especially regarding the occlusal contact with lower left canine would be helpful. That said, I have sometimes combined use of a conventional implant with a mini dental implants for situations where a cantilever gives me some…unease. I think a 2.0 mm x 13 to 15 mm implant in this situation may be just what you need for support of the two splinted crowns (10 and 11). This would provide more intra-septal bone between implants at site 10 and 11. Of course, an angled implant may be necessary. Just some food for thought.

Here is an example of conventional dental implant (BICON 6x6mm) and mini dental implant (Interlock MDLOP 2.5 x 15)