Two different implant systems: Identify?

These implants were placed back in 2005/2003 in Asia. Pt does not remember where they got them done at and no idea what system they are. #14 crown came off, but the screw for the crown was very short. Straumann? #30 is also a screw retained and the screw is a flat head. I am thinking it is a Semados-S but not sure since I am not familiar with it. Please help. Need healing abutments and impression transfer for both.

Jyothi Charlie comments:

14, looks like Straumann, with an Octa abutment.

Kurt W comments:

Send an a email with PAX to and they will tell you what 30 is. Yes of course 14 looks like Straumann tissue level or therof.

Hiroshi Iwamoto comments:

I think #14 is Straumann Tissue Level φ4.1 Wide neck with Octa abutment placed.

#30 is kind of copy cat for Straumann probably, but identifying is very difficult since many company has that.

If Pt has it in Japan then I search Japanese implant maker.

Tim Carter comments:

Treat #30 as if it is Straumann... It actually looks like it could be a Zimmer Swiss Plus which is compatible with Straumann

Alan Jeroff comments:

upper left is a straumann 4.1x 10 mm SP. Possibly WN not sure of the other