Trouble finding implant with healing abutment

Healing abutment was loose, so I tried to screw it back in with driver, but it kept turning. Patient complained of pain, so I removed the driver, and when I did, the abutment came with it (magnetized driver). Numbed patient, and now I can’t get the abutment to grab hold of the implant. I feel the implant with the end of the abutment, apply slight pressure, start turning, but apparently the abutment is to the side of the implant instead of the center. Please help!

Nevermind, kept tapping around & pushing, found implant center, & tightened it nice & tight. I also tightened the other sbutments, and to make sure this one doesn’t come loose again, tightened it one more time. After finishing, the patient felt like I may have overtightened due to “deep pain, like the implant got turned a little.” Nothing severe, just soreness. If I turned the implant, does the osseointegration timeline need to be reset? Because he’s getting abutments for implant-retained dentures in a month, which will be 3 months post implant placement.