Tissue Contour: Have Some Patience

There are many factors that dictate the peri implant tissue contours and papilla fill. These include: bone levels, distance to the contact point, adequate tissue thickness, and a properly designed/contoured restoration. As long as these factors are present, we can be confident that the tissue will fill in the blanks. In this case, at the time of provisional crown placement, the soft tissue contours were lacking. But with a little bit of patience over the course of 8 weeks, we can observe how the tissue adapted itself around the restoration for a satisfactory result.

Excellent outcome. May I know what brand of attachment you have used on tooth # 06 in the third picture. Thanks. Dr. Kashi

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I am not sure what kind of attachment that is. I can ask the orthodontist and get back to you.

Thank you. Would appreciate it if you find out.