Tilted implants treatment plan?

What are your thoughts on this treatment plan for #19 and 20. Due to size discrepancies between the maxilla and mandible, #19 and 20 are cantilevered buccally.

#19: size 4.3x11.5, mesial tilt 13 deg, buccal tilted 0 deg, angle abutment 20 deg
#20: size 4.3x10, mesial tilt 13 deg, buccal tilt 12 deg, angle abutment 15 deg

#19 and 20 will be splinted. Thanks!

Dr b comments:

Angle the implants lingually. Simple case

BSB comments:

Was the patient perhaps initially in crossbite? With anterior proper guidance crossbite is an acceptable restorative position.

Rainier Urdaneta comments:

I would suggest using shorter implants, i.e, 8 mm and angled them slightly more facially. Otherwise a good plan

Tim Carter comments:

I think you might be trying to kill a fly with a hammer. IMHO you should just freehand place them in proper position. You see from the CBCT that you are safe now proceed. I agree with everything that has been posted so far it just depends how complicated you want to make this case

T N comments:

Is there any problem with the crowns, especially #20, cantilevered buccally off the mandibular ridge? Thanks!

Tim Carter comments:

I can't see any problem with that other than a possible hygiene issue/plaque trap. A mandibular posterior tooth ideally should be lingually tilted approx 13degrees on average so again I think you are overanalyzing your data. Trust yourself and lose the confusion that too much information can sometimes cause.

Tim Carter comments:

There probably will not be an obvious cantilever since the emergence should be built into the abutment and/or crown if screw retained

T N comments:

I will follow your advice. Thank you all very much.