Thoughts on this implant

Does anyone think this implant will fuse or could it be too close ?

Oof that’s a tough spot to place an implant. However a CBCT will provide a much more accurate assessment than a PA before deeming the implant as too close.
My $0.02

I would pay very little attention to what you see on that PA which is taken from an extreme distal angle. I have never understood our obsession with proximity to roots as seen on radiographs because as a periodontist I have been grinding on tooth roots for the past 20 years with no problems. Seriously though this should be of very little concern and if root proximity bothers you then do yourself a favor and stop evaluating it with angulated PA’s taken with clunky sensors.

The question then becomes : Is it restorable?

I think I can answer that without having any other information besides the image… Yes it is restorable and this is a normal appearance when placing fixtures around the curver of the anterior maxilla. This is about as routine as a 1-2 surface filling.

By my last statement I meant that IMHO most integrated implants are restorable and this one would appear to be easily restored…It is placed in the only available M-D position and the healing abutment would suggest that there is plenty of restorative space.

For what it is worth I just placed this 3.1x10mm ZimVie in the #12 area and I can assure you that while it is tight it is not in any way contacting the adjacent canine. This is an illusion created by my poorly angled PA. Despite the radiographic appearance it was verified during treatment to be at least 1.5mm from each adjacent tooth and this is why I never make any definitive judgement about proximity based on a PA taken from an extreme angle. I will sleep just fine tonight despite this illusion…