Stock healing cap and custom abutment?

If I put a stock healing cap on the implant which is placed in the right place with good angulation, is there a point in fabricating a custom abutment for the screw-retained crown?

Neil Park. DMD comments:

No, not for a screw-retained crown. The optimum emergence profile can be designed into the SRC, and since the ceramic coping is cemented to the titanium base prior to being delivered to the implant, there is no concern regarding the margin placement. If you were cementing the crown, of course, you would want to have a custom abutment so that you could control the vertical placement of the cement line.

Tim comments:

Unfortunately I think you are getting confused... unless you are using the Encode system (Zimmer Biomet) the healing cap is unrelated to the final abutment. If you are delivering a screw retained crown then the customized contours built into the crown will provide the emergence profile otherwise provided by a custom abutment for a cement retained case. I think the majority of screw retained restorations today are being fabricated on a Ti Base and the emergence is milled into the crown so again the healing cap is not related. Also I am not aware of any need for a custom abutment when doing a screw retained crown unless you are referring to a hybrid/screwmented restoration in which case a crown is cemented on the abutment with an access hole in the crown in an effort to provide the best of both worlds.