Splint implants with molar?

Patient has limited bone height and had 2 falled bone graft surgeries. I can place 6 mm implants in the place of 28 and 29 but in the place of 30 there is impossible to place any implant since she has only 4 mm of bone. Would you splint 28 and 29 implants with the last molar under a combined bridge?

Splint implants with molar? 1

timcarter comments:

Based on the extremely limited amount of information supplied I completely disagree with your entire assessment. I see much more vertical height than what you claim and I do not believe that you have an issue. Proceed with 8mm fixtures and try to stop making things so complicated...

prndds comments:

Dr, considering the situation. 2 implants & cantilever with attachment on #31 would be a better option.