Sinus Lift Kit Instructions

This topic provides instructions on how to properly use the Sinus Lift Kit, which includes all the instruments you need for both the crestal and lateral approaches.

The video below shows the components of the Sinus Lift kit and provides some brief tips.

Crestal Technique

General Instructions:

  • The distance from the alveolar crest to the sinus floor should be measured with x-rays prior to surgery. Site preparation is performed in a sequence, first with the Crestal Drills and then with the final Crestal Reamers up to 1mm short of the sinus floor.
  • Choose the appropriate Crestal Drill diameter. It is recommended to use the crestal drills from the small diameter to larger in sequence to gradually increase the osteotomy site. For example, go from 2.0, 2.5, 2.8 until the desired diameter drill.
  • Choose a stopper that is 1mm less than the residual bone height as measured in the x-ray.
  • Drill with copious irrigation. Drilling can be done at various speeds, from low (400 rpm) to high speed (800rpm), allowing flexibility during surgery. However, 400 to 600rpm is recommended for first time users.
  • After drilling up to 1 mm of sinus floor, stop and choose the appropriate Crestal Reamer and attach stopper that is approximately equal to the residual bone height (i.e. 1mm longer than previous stopper used with the Crestal Drill) .
  • Drill with copious irrigation. Drilling can be done at various speeds, from low (400 rpm) to high speed (800rpm), allowing flexibility during surgery. However, 400 to 600rpm is recommended for first time users. The sinus floor is approached carefully and with light apical pressure. Stopper provides you with a safe operation. Drill comfortably with perpendicularity pressure. A broader detachment from the sinus floor is facilitated horizontally with hydraulic pressure from the drill. When you feel the yielding of the sinus floor, remove the drill.
  • Detach sinus membrane using the dome-shape sinus curette (SPL-05) using stopper that is same length as previous reamer drill. Tip: You can put a small piece of collagen plug into the osteotomy site as a safety cushion before using the sinus curette.
  • A much broader detachment from the sinus floor can be facilitated horizontally with hydraulic pressure kit that is included.
  • Fill the space as needed with graft material

Lateral Technique

For the Lateral Technique the kit includes 4 Lateral Drills, including 2 Magentic reamer drills, a Diamond Drill, and a Remover (to help separate parts of the magnetic drills)

General Kit Cleaning and Maintenance

This entire kit, must be sterilized before use. It is also recommended to always re-sterilize the surgical KIT right before surgery. (15 Minutes At 273 ̊F / 134 ̊C (15psi) ). It is recommended to use a surgical autoclaving wrap around the kit when sterilizing the kit, so that no part of the kit touches the metal of the autoclave unit.

Needs to be cleaned and thoroughly dried before sterilized. Should be washed with a non-corrosive, low sudsing neutral detergent. Cleaning can be accomplished by ultrasonic or automated cleaning, which is preferred to minimize the opportunity of sharps injuries due to hand scrubbing. Manufacturer does not suggest the use of any abrasive brushes or materials to clean.

  • Before surgery: Prepare tools for surgery by soaking them in a “saline solution” or in “distilled water.”
  • After surgery: All tools should be soaked in an “alcohol solution”.
    • Avoid using Hydrogen Peroxide. Do NOT use it!
    • Hydrogen Peroxide will discolor laser markings and anodized surfaces.
  • Tools should be cleaned thoroughly with distilled or tap water to wash away any remaining blood and foreign material.
  • Completely dry all tools using a dry cloth or warm air.
  • Dried tools should be stored in the KIT case.
  • After placing all the tools back into the kit, dry the entire kit in an Autoclave (15 Minutes At 273 ̊F / 134 ̊C) and then store the kit at room temperature.

NOTES: Immediately after surgery, all the tools should be cleaned and stored.

Kit Sterilization - Steam Autoclave

  • 15 Minutes At 273 ̊F / 134 ̊C (15psi)
  • Use Of Hard Water May Leave Deposits
  • Do Not Use Closed Containers
  • Dry at Least 10 Minutes

Drill Usage

  • The Lateral Reamers (with the diamond points) can be used around 5 times, but this depends on the depth of the bone. They will start to wear out after repeated use in dense bone.
  • The Crestal Reamers can be used up between 10 to 20 times, since it only drills 1mm at a time.
  • The other drills in the kit can be used up to 25 times.