Root canal and crown OR crown lengthening?

Hello. I am a patient. These are older xrays . Since taken, tooth 12 has been root canal treated and requires crown lengthening. However, the decay of tooth 13 has made half of tooth break off. (for ease of reference, tooth #14 has a post and a crown). I was told by the dentist that we can do root canal plus post and crown. When I went for tooth 12 crown lengthening consult, the periodontist stated that he can do both 13 and 12 as crown lengthening and no need for root canal. These doctors all work in different offices, but refer to each other and neither wishes to definitively state what is the better treatment. Generally I lean to more conservative treatment, but I am at a loss. Please help? If I need one more consult, should it be with a dentist or periodontist? Periodontist was stating 4-5 millimiters for #12 and 3 mill or so for #13. HELP!!!


This is a forum for dentists only. It is not for patients with questions vis-à-vis treatment options.
Your personal dentist is the one for you to be asking these questions with. Trust your dentist

I would trust the dentist that will be removing any decay. If it’s decay’d to the nerve and/or there isn’t much tooth to hang onto, the general dentist may feel he/she needs the post/build-up to have something to hang onto for the crown.