Replace prosthesis or monitor?

Patient had these implants installed a few years back and restored a couple of years ago. Presented to our office with localized bleeding and suppuration. Would you monitor or insist on replacing the prosthetic work? Crown on natural canine appears to be impinging in the biological width as well. Thank you.

Lee Fitzgerald comments:

Replace the prosthesis. Things will get worse unless you replace.

Robert Schneider comments:

Replacement is the solution. Retained cement and poor fit of the framework.

Dr. Mark R Comeaux comments:

What about plaque control? What about the presence or absence of attached gingiva?

Incult comments:

Good OH. Poor dentistry. Unlucky patient.

Albert Internoscia comments:

This was treatment planned poorly. You may want to consider extracting #6 and replacing the entire prosthesis.

1dr2th comments:

Are there any other information to go with this case? pictures would be helpful. Where is the suppuration coming from, which implants or teeth. Granted the restorative work needs replacement, but I don't see any significant bone loss around the implants. Please provide probing depth and sounding for the tooth with Biologic width issue.

Bill McFatter comments:

You could bury the implant at 10 that would allow better cleaning. Possibly crown 3 to give more space and a better emergence profile for the implant at 5 in reference to 6 and 3. Then remake the prosthesis