Prolene VS PTFE sutures: which one do you prefer?

Prolene (polypropylene) VS PTFE sutures, which one do you prefer for perio and graft-related surgeries? Which one has better handling qualities in your hands? As PTFE sutures are slippery, do you feel it has slightly poorer frictional resistance to knot loosening? Is Prolene as expensive as ptfe?

Editor's Note: Prolene is simply the brand name for Ethicon's polypropylene suture.

Prolene VS PTFE sutures: which one do you prefer? 2

ddsdrive comments:

Can't speak to clinical results, but in terms of price, polypropylene is significantly less expensive than PTFE, at least for non-Ethicon brands. Prices are available here: Non-absorbable sutures By the way, if you want an absorbable suture that "acts like" PTFE, you should check out PGCL Sutures

timcarter comments:

There is no reason to even consider this if you practice good surgical technique. A resorbable gut or chromic gut suture is all you need for any oral/perio/implant surgical procedure. I finished my perio residency in 2007 and have not needed a non-resorbable string since at least 2010... it took me that long to develop adequate skills and wound closure is not a problem!!!

ddsgadget comments:

BTW, asking someone what the best suture material is, is like inquiring what the best ice cream flavor is. Everyone has their own preference, which may even change based on how they are feeling that day. That said. I believe @timcarter is correct regarding Chromic Gut, and I believe [Chromic Gut 4.0 ]( remains one of the most popular sutures for most procedures (the other close favorite absorbable is PGA, i.e. Vicryl, 4.0). However, in cases that require longer healing or better flap stability, I believe PTFE sutures are preferred by most practitioners. Interestingly, I am amazed at how many clinicians still use Silk sutures, which appear to offer the worst of all possible worlds. I guess it's just a price decision. I did find this older topic that has some good comments: [Best type of suture for implant surgery?](