Possible lingual perforation after implant placement

I took a CBCT after 4 months of placing this implant. The patient has no pain, no symptoms. When I looked at the gum tissue, everything was healing fine. When I palpated the lingual and buccal area, there was no pain. In this case, can I still move forward with placing implant crown?

This is fine and you should just proceed with the final restoration. While this is not ideal placement/angulation I will not shame you by spouting off bullet points from clinical studies in an effort to make myself feel better. Pay attention to B/L angulation in the future and consider this one of the many humbling learning events along your journey in this unregulated field of screwed-up dentistry… Just my opinion after over two decades of learning from my own mistakes.

Thank you for your kind reply. That does make me feel a lot better. I will do better next time. Hopefully this implant lasts a long time for him!