Pericementitis is real

I understand that cement retained implant crowns have sort of gone out of favor… If for years we have been confidently removing excess cement around tooth crowns why are we so awful at removing it around an implant?

That’s Not Cement. That’s just HA coating on an implant. :joy: :grinning:

Speaking of HA coating… does anyone use HA coated fixtures? I recently had a revelation about all of the failed fixtures I have removed over the years, both mine and those placed by others. Strangely enough I don’t recall ever removing one with HA. I understand that it was always considered a good surface treatment except that it was difficult to achieve a predictable bond to the titanium thus leading most companies to abandon it. I have recently, after discussing it with ZimVie and some experienced folks that utilize them, made the switch to the ZImVie TSV with HA coating. Just curious…