Perforating the inferior border

Hello guys. My first post here. I have a case of two anterior implants I just placed. 26 went through the inferior border of the mandible. My implant is placed 3mm short of that. Should I be concerned? I am concerned. Any advice?

Just want to say the perforation was with the initial drill

Soft tissue will grow into the gap and cause complication, unless you fill the gap with bone graft :relieved: i think the implant will survive about 2-3 years :kissing_heart:

BOne graft😁 seriously!

my suggestion is along the same line as the others ( remove and graft) unless you are going to practice geographical success all your life
you’ll have to suck this one up unfortunately

What is a geographical success? And based on the science wouldn’t this fill up w bone on its own without any graft? four walls of bone and fifth is the implant.