One lesion versus one implant: best course of action?

Hello. To start off with, I am a patient. I understand that this website is for clinicians only, but I am desperate for some information. I have been reading OsseoNews for a while now as I find it very interesting as Im in the process of getting implants . Anyway my upper jaw is almost completely edentulous, the front being in the worst shape as I don't have anything from first premolar on right to second premolar on the left. The front teeth were under a bridge for around 10 years and things fell apart under it in those 10 years with almost each having cysts / lesions? Everything healed after extractions except a lesion above left lateral incisor pictured on the pan. The lesion wasn't cleaned before implant placement in the position of the central incisor . And now it seems it flared up. Dentist says there is some shading on that side of the implant centrally * obviously on the side where the chronic lesion is located. So two weeks after placement the spot above 2 kinda flared up , no major pain, just very very slight discomfort with tenderness on harder touch. The major point of tenderness is a bit further from the implant more to the incisor side, but still I feel something closer to the implant position. I have seen some cases on here where the implant was placed directly into a lesion so I'm hopeful that this will be salvageable and not require extraction of the implant. But I'm not eager to return to the dentist in question . So what I'm trying to achieve with this post , is that I guess I need some guidelines as to what is the correct course of action and some hope that things will go well as this has been one of the most stressful things I have gone through ,and happiness after placement is now shattered into despair again...Im more than interested in the technical side of things ,with respect to every one of you i think. I have a good grasp of the various situations happening in this particular branch of dentistry and I think all of you are doing Gods work! I have attached pans before placement and xray of placed implant in question ! I understand the post is all over the place excuse my rambling ,if any more info is needed I will provide promptly!

Dr. Levitt comments:

First of all your implant looks fine on the periapical xray. I have placed 7000 implants and the lesion is of no consequence. How long ago were the implants placed?

Anonymouse Anonymous comments:

Hi sorry , was waiting for the post to be approved a few days didnt think it would be so kind of forgot about it. They were placed exactly 3 weeks ago today. Problem is im feeling pressure on the side where the defect is , also with pressure applied to it im feeling miniscule amounts of fluid around 2 coming out of the gums ,not smelly or anything tho. Regarding the xray the issue seems to be not at the top of the implant but around the middle to the side where the lesion is ,its like the implant put pressure on it making it flare up a bit.

David Levitt comments:

Have your dentist or an oral surgeon do a CBCT Scan of the area to evaluate it. It probably will be fine but having a negative scan will put your mind at ease.

Dr Brian comments:

Based on what I am seeing I agree with Dr Levitt. If the implant is integrated then there should be no issue. You have had a terrible experience with all of this and please try to not linger on it.

Anonymouse Anonymous comments:

Its just 3 weeks today that they were put in , dont think the integration took place yet and my fear is it wont. Thanks for the kind words im feeling a bit more optimistic now but still hard not to linger on it.

Dr J comments:

Yes. You are 100% correct about this being a forum for dental professionals only.

Anonymouse Anonymous comments:

I know but there really isnt a place on the internet with such access to the knowledge of dentists who are implantologists.

Jeffrey Backer, DDS comments:

You wrote "I need some guidelines as to what is the correct course of action and some hope that things will go well".... You selected that dentist for a reason, obviously he has a skill set to be able to place implants. You need to have an open trusting relationship and communicate your symptoms and fears with that dentist. You should not be pressing with your fingers around a surgery site even 4 or 8 wks later. If symptoms are not improving and your relationship goes sour, go to an oral surgeon for help. Maybe your existing dentist can refer you to a colleague. 2 heads are better than one sometimes. Good luck, hope your fears prove to be baseless.

Me comments:

I feel kind of dissapointed at the dentist in question to be honest. As upon me complaining about this he just gave me antibiotics and see you in a month. As a frequent at the dentist heh, i appreciate genuine care for the patient and this doesnt seem like it. Definately going for a second opinion as it seemed better after the antibiotics for a few days but again started to irritate me today...