Old Astra 4.0 ST vs Astra Osseospeed?

I have a case with an old Astra 4.0 ST. I have only components for Osseospeed and some old 4.0 ST profile abutments. I have realized that the old 4.0 ST has a wider platform than Osseospeed 4.0. I could fit Osseospeed 4.5/5.0 impression coping in to 4.0 ST implant and take impression. Now the question is if old 4.0 ST has exactly the same platform as 4.5/5.0 Osseospeed? Thank you

Anonymous Anonymous comments:

Your can use the 4.5/5.0 impression coping but you will need the 4.0ST analog .

Keith Goldstein- DESS USA comments:

What is the difference between the 4.0ST analog and the 4.5/5.0 osseospeed analog since if the impression coping will fit into the implant correctly then the corresponding analog should work correctly too (unless the design of the top of the analog is somehow completely different...which is not often the case). If the 4.5/5.0 astra osseospeed components are compatible then go to www.dess-usa.com for them.

David Guichet comments:

I agree with Keith. The 4.5 ST impression posts fit in the 4.0 MT. The original AstraTech 4.0 had a standard 2.0 screw. It was the workhorse of their system. They then made a 3.5 and later the 4.5 ST. Initially back then all parts were interchangeable amongst the three with only the height being different by 1.3 mm height difference between the sizes.

I have several of the old 4.0 MT analogs and parts. MT was short for for micro thread. The 4.5 ST parts fit inside but 1.3 mm deeper than they seat inside the 4.0.