Need lingual bone grafts?

Do you suggest lingual bone grafts for implants #8 and/or #10. Attached are screen shots where lingual bone for the implants are thinnest. Thanks!

Need lingual bone grafts? 1

Need lingual bone grafts? 2

Need lingual bone grafts? 3

Need lingual bone grafts? 4

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timcarter comments:


timcarter comments:

In the event that any person would opt to try and graft on the palatal, I do consider there to be a big difference between a lingual graft and a palatal graft, how do you achieve tension free closure since you can't release palatal tissue. The thick connective tissue and overlying keratinized gingiva of the palate does not lend itself to releasing like lingual mucosa does... Terminology does matter in this scenario.

tony_n comments:

Thank you very much Dr. What options would you recommend in this case? Regards!

timcarter comments:

Leave it alone. You have excellent, well vascularized, connective tissue covering the palatal bone and it will be fine. Any attempt to "graft" this will likely result in unnecessary stress and anxiety for you and the patient with no clinical benefit.

tony_n comments: