Membrane Fixation Kit Instructions

Below are instructions for our Membrane Fixation Screw Kit and Tenting Screw Kit. These instructions can also be used in conjunction with our GBR Kit. These are just simple instructions to show how to grab the screws with the handle.

Instructions for Grabbing Screws with the Holder Please be sure to watch the video below which we created to show how to grab the screw correctly. The trick is to turn the grey “knob” in middle of the screw driver body to lock into the screw.


The entire kit (including the surgical plastic cover) is autoclaveable. Please remember, though, that the Fixation Screws are single-use only.

Completely dry all tools using a dry cloth or warm air before autoclaving. Dried tools should be stored in the KIT case.

After placing all the tools back into the kit, dry the entire kit in an Autoclave (15 Minutes At 273 ̊F / 134 ̊C - 15psi) and then store the kit at room temperature.

It is recommended to use a surgical autoclaving wrap around the kit when sterilizing the kit, so that no part of the kit touches the metal of the autoclave unit.

Cleaning Instruments

Following use, individual instruments should be cleaned throughly. Instruments should be washed with a non-corrosive, low sudsing neutral detergent. Cleaning of individual instruments can be accomplished by ultrasonic or automated cleaning (Warning: Do NOT place the entire kit in an ultrasonic, as doing so could damage the case. ONLY individual instruments can be cleaned with ultrasonic). Manufacturer does not suggest the use of any abrasive brushes or materials to clean.