Megagen Implants Pros and Cons?

I have been using Straumann and Neoss implant systems for 4 years and now I am thinking of shifting to Megagen. What do you think are the pros and cons of the Megagen System? Any draw back for this system? Appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Leo comments:

Customer service sucks

Ben comments:

Great drill kit. Very solid prosthetic connection, with wide range of restorative options. Super simple with only one size to worry about(Anyridge).

I don’t like them in immediate placement. I find them hard to start or maintain orientation. With a single lead in thread and no cutting grove they want to walk away on their own. Taps would definitely be nice add on option as I have found times when the bone is too dense and I worry about over torquing implant.

They have other systems which are compatable with anyridge drill kit (Mini). They were very nice to work with.

Service used to be great. They changed their buisness model, started cutting reps and directing to major dental suppliers (eg Benco) my Benco rep is good as a sales guy but knows nothing of implants or the system.

Bottom line. I like them.sometimes but only use them in about 20-30% of my total cases.

Taisir Albik comments:

Excellent system for soft bone , integrates well and drills are so easy to use , one draw back is dense bone cases , the moment you get to over torque a little the connection flares or flower and you can not take it out nor sink it in , in Dense bone I do not use it for immediate load such as all on x , also not easy to get hold of customer service

Dr. B comments:

Truly love the system. I've been using them since they came out. 80% + of my implant practice. Only draw back in the U.S is the inability to find labs to fabricate custom abutments.

José Rosa comments:

Good implant, but a Bit Strong in the threads

Not very to deep in the bone

Components should improve

2mm bur break to often

Be careful with sub preparation

Tim comments:

I have never used the system but I have dealt with a few complications associated with them. I know all implants, and products for that matter, have complications but with Megagen I believe that the threads are a bit too aggressive. You mentioned that you have been a Straumann user for 4+ years and are thinking of switching. I am going to make the assumption that price is factoring into your decision to abandon a tried and true system, I agree Straumann is a bit overpriced. Personally I am a loyal Zimmer TSV guy but I really like Straumann as well. What I like about products such as Zimmer and Straumann is that the design has been virtually unchanged for the past 20 years. Having been practicing perio for the past 15+ years I have witnessed enough of what I consider to be pressure necrosis with some of these aggressive threaded implant fixtures as well as the extremely tapered fixtures such as Nobel Replace and BioHorizons. With this collection of events I came to the conclusion about 7-8 years ago to stick with tried and true products/designs which for me is Zimmer TSV. I hear people using multiple systems for different situations and I suppose that is fine but I know for a fact that any situation can be treated with other more well documented products that lack such aggressive threads. If price is driving your decision to look toward Megagen may I suggest you look at Blue Sky Bio. I have used their products in the past and had great success. For me though I feel better about using a product with 20+ years of clinical success and a time tested design.

Haamood92 comments:

Thank you doctor for the nice explanation, yes I would say its financial thing and there was an agreement about megagen that the main drawback is the aggressive thread design and that’s what makes me hesitated , kindly doctor can you tell me more about blue sky bio implant this is the first time for me that i have heard about it . Thank you

Tim comments:

Just visit I do not currently use their implants but have in the past with great success. The company assumes only experienced clinicians are using their products so they do not have product reps which they reflect in their pricing

Scott comments:

Is there a necessity in the TSV implant to use the purple or green analogs by the general dentist for restorative? I guess I really should know that...

RS Anonymous comments:

AnyRidge has multiple thread depths that allow the Doctor to customize the implant thread design to the patients bone biotype (D1-D4) By customizing the implant solution you can achieve better initial stability and faster healing times. This is why the system is called AnyRidge. The Doctor customizes the implant design for success in AnyRidge. AnyRidge has over 10+ years of clinical studies.

Check out the Zero Bone Loss Concept for immediate and delayed placement. The AnyRidge system integrates well into this concept.

GregKammeyer comments:

Who wants to start with a defective implant. When a patched implant fails you'll have alot more

GregKammeyer comments:

to straighten out. I found Neoss to be a sad representation of implant dentistry today. When they were first bought by Straumann they didn't have their act together.

Certainly we all have to factor in cost, yet of the total cost you charge a patient, how much per implant will you save? How much will your time cost you to straighten out problems that you know will be there? $300+/chair hour plus parts, lab etc. Emotional cost to you and to the patient? Momentum for your practice?

Having placed implants for 37 years, I can say: chose what you’d want in your own mouth and charge accordingly. Then figure out Why you feel that way and it’ll be EZ to explain that to your patient. I don’t think that the people that advertise low prices in the newspaper are using Straumann implants!!!

I believe all patients think they are getting top notch care: little do they know that implant parts, lab bills, quality of materials, amount of continuing education and employing experienced team members play a huge role in you providing your best.

salloumdental comments:

I have been using Anyridge from Megagen for the last 3 years, and before I was using some top notch implant systems. Any ridge has a unique design geometry with agressive knife cutting threads, and the dentist should be in full knowledge of the features of this design from a biomechnical point of view, that is why this implant is recommended to be used by expert dentists while Megagen have another design (Anyone) for non experts. All mentioned notes from all collegues are correct regarding the cautious use in dense bone, but knowing the design and following the protocol will make it work in ANY RIDGE . the success rate is superb and the connection is very well designed ....I personally recommend it to be first line system in your clinic.