Intra-Crestal Sinus Lift and Bone Augmentation

This is a full length recorded webinar (Note: The actual webinar starts at around 7 minutes, feel free to skip intro) from Dr. Virgil Mongalo which provides a detailed overview of sinus lifts and bone augmentation. The webinar includes:

  • Dr. Mongalo's Sinus Lift Reference Chart, which provides an excellent overview of each sinus lift procedure.

  • Dr. Mongalo's Crestal Lift Flow Chart, which provides a 10-step easy-to-follow flow for the procedure.

  • Detailed Case Reviews: Dr. Mongalo's reviews each of step of the crestal lift via in-depth cases.

Both charts listed above can be accessed via the photos at the bottom of this post.

For bone augmentation, Dr. Mongalo utilizes Cerasorb and Epiguide, along with injectable PRF (i-prf). Membrane stabilization with Resorbable Inion Tacks are also demonstrated. For the actual sinus lift procedure, be sure to check out the affordable Sinus Lift Kit, which is the only kit you need to effectively perform both the crestal and lateral approaches (this kit is identical to the CAS Kit referenced in the video at a significatly better price!).

About Dr. Mongalo

Dr. Virgil Mongalo is a pioneer in the field of implant dentistry, having placed over 20,000 implants since opening his private office in South Florida in 1991. He is passionate about replacing lost teeth and giving patients back a beautiful smile. He holds active licenses in Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida and Nicaragua. Dr. Mongalo spends his professional time travelling to Nicaragua and Mexico where he trains USA and Canadian dentists how to perform implant surgeries on under privileged population as part of a Catholic Dental outreach program. Learn more at:

Intra-Crestal Sinus Lift and Bone Augmentation 1

Intra-Crestal Sinus Lift and Bone Augmentation 2

Intra-Crestal Sinus Lift and Bone Augmentation 3