Implants were placed too close, keep or remove?

There is less than 1 mm distance at the apex level between 13 and 14 implants and bone loss. There is no infection or any symptoms at this time. Should I keep # 13 or replace it?

Implants were placed too close, keep or remove? 1

Implants were placed too close, keep or remove? 2

dr-g comments:

How long ago was this done ?? Bone lost is evident. Those implants are poorly placed. Why go all the way and restore them ? Inform patient that more bone lost will happen and that the tx will be more complex if wait too long. Remove both and redo is the best long term option. Many will probably wait and hope for the best, which will not be the case

tim38 comments:

This was done 2 years ago.

drtoast15 comments:

Both implants are failing...remove now to preserve as much bone as possible for grafting and placing new implants, this time in proper positioning.

gregkammeyer comments:

although the apex's touching each other doesn't seem to amount to much, both implants have lost a fair bit of bone. Then the question is: " can you afford to lose more bone now that the threads are exposed either visually or in the sulcus" Bailing out early is much better as it shows the patient your standards. It will likely require a lateral window sinus graft and possibly GBR to build the buccal bone out. Good luck.