Implant too deep in my lower jaw?

I am a patient, but I didnt have a place to ask anyone credible, so I thought I'd post here. I had this implant placed about 3 years ago. Maybe because I lacked bone the dr placed it deeply. The Dr isnt very responsive to me. Is this placement ok? Its placed very deep in the jaw is it safe ? Is it even more stable than a regular implant? Or is it worse? Thanks.

oa244 comments:

Your dentist probably checked your bone before implant placement and I believe he or she placed the according to your bone anatomy. Have you had any issues with these implants for the last 3 years?

balk comments:

I am talking specifically about the one at the middle buttom. Is it too deep? I assume I dont have bone there so he put it so deep to the jaw . I am not sure if it's better or worse. It might be better so deep and strong that it cant be moved but I am not sure. My dentist dodged my question when I asked if it's ok and not risky.

gregkammeyer comments:

On the x-ray it looks deep. Very deep. Are your lower teeth connected together or is that an orthodontic retainer?

The risk “as is” that you’ll get gum and bone disease around the adjacent teeth and implant because they aren’t similar in height position. Good news is that you can get at it with your oral hygiene. Use a water irrigation device regularly…they get deeper than floss.

Bad news is that you won’t find out it’s a problem until years later. There will or could be a metal piece (healing abutment) that comes through the gum tissue, before the final crown is made. I would stay in that holding pattern for 8-12 months to see if the gum/bone disease develops. Another option would be to get a second opinion, by a periodontist. The Periodontist wouldn’t we tied to having performed the treatment and could be more specific that an x-ray tells us.