Implant placement too shallow - advice


I recently placed a straumann implant 12mm Bone level, I decided to take periapical to assess positioning before having torqued it completely crestal, silly. After taking the periapical I struggled to torque it to the crest and even tried to untorque it but to no avail. Im not sure in the heat of the moment why I didn’t use the motorized handpiece instead. Eventually I left it and placed a cover screw with about almost one thread exposed, now I’m concerned this may lead to early implant failure due to chances of fibrous encapsulation.

any case photos to share?

I will get the radiographs later and share. Thanks

Unless they have changed their instruments it requires a special reverse torque tool to reverse a Straumann fixture…you should be able to torque it down by hand with even more force than what the handpiece will produce so I can’t imagine you not utilizing the motor has anything to do with a likely incomplete osteotomy…

There a thousands of successful implants without every thread embedded in bone so I would not lose any sleep over the fear of fibrous encapsulation. If this fixture fails I still wouldn’t blame the incomplete insertion but rather bad luck and statistics.

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