Implant Identification Elusive: Solution?

This patient had 2 implants done years ago. I was able to ID one of them, the other is elusive. I've contacted Implant Direct and Preat Technical for advice. It seems to be a Straumann similar product. I ordered and tried a Strauman Scanpost, it did not work. I was asked for a radiograph without the coverscrew. I noticed that the hex is at the end where the screw exits, so I tried a Nobel 5.0 Scanpost and a 4.5 Scanpost. the 5.0 measures 2.6mm at the hex, and the 4.5 measures 2.2mm at the hex. It might be that something that measures 2.4mm would work. I am thinking of taking a VPS impression of the internal of the implant and directly measuring it. If we solve this I might change my ID to Sherlock or at least Dr. Watson. Thanks for your consideration.

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timcarter comments:

My first guess based on the thread pattern would be a Blue Sky Bio One Stage (Straumann Clone) but if that were the case then a Straumann scan post should have worked unless it was the wrong diameter. If you are not opposed to a cement retained final crown I would recommend a Blue Sky Bio One Stage wide platform 6.5mm, solid abutment.

alan comments:

Here's your answer: This implant is a Bio One Stage implant, with a Wide restorative platform. Here are few links Bio One Stage Cover Screws Bio One Stage Prosthetic Components Bio One Stage Prosthetic Instruments

admiral518 comments:

Alan & Tim thank you for the next clue. I will investigate it and let you know. If you celebrate it.. Happy Thanksgiving!

timcarter comments:

Prior to jumping in bed full time with Zimmer I placed a lot of this particular fixture, Bio One Stage, and to be honest I never had any problems with it. If not for the fact that I am a practicing periodontist and rely a lot on my implant rep to assist my referrals I would probably utilize Blue Sky Bio much more. They make great stuff at a very reasonable price so I would suggest obtaining prosthetic components directly from them. This is probably not the post to garner the responses but I am curious as to why the profession has essentially abandoned this particular ITI/Straumann tissue level implant design. It has demonstrated itself to be among the most successful designs ever yet we in the "profession" have turned against it in favor of bone losing bone level fixtures...

OK. Call me Dr Sherlock. It took quite a while and perserverance. But the answer is… (drum roll)…Keystone XP1 WP 5.5…It was discontinued about 10 yrs ago, and the company had an impression analogue and wide platform abut that had fallen behind the shelf, they sent me…and it worked!!! Thanks for everyone’s help. Eventually someone from Keystone saw the post and contacted me. Lot of people gave me their opinions and eventually I got there, I appreciate it.

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