Implant Failure.....why?

why after 20 years?..think about it

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Perio disease or change in Occlusion?

Looks like this has a cantilever affecting it. Classic case of off-axis loading.

If that is a cantilever then by your standards every implant will sure fail due to clasicic “off- axis loading”. Implants are only as permanent as the permanent tooth which they are replacing and sometimes, more often when there is obvious cement dripping down the fixture, sh?+ happens and they fail. I think we should stop taking ourselves so seriously and accept reality… IMHO this so called cantilever has nothing to do with the fate of this aftermarket discount implant fixture.

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No platform switch, and the dental implants are not for ever. The exces of cement could promote mucositis and perimplantitis in a long term

All of the above + I am seeing more implant failures with patients on multiple meds, esp when proton pump inhibitors and/or SSRI’s have been used more than 10 years.