I need help identifying this implant

This implant was placed in Asia back in the 2000s. I cant use whatimplantisthat due to it being from Asia and not US.

I removed the crown and took a photo of it and here are the x rays.

30 IO

Possibly a Zimmer Swiss Plus. This fixture was actually pretty popular in Asia 15-20 year ago

On another note I think you will get at least encouraged by others to explant this fixture as the tissue level component which dictates the apical extent of the final restoration is coronal or too shallow. Sure this fits the production model of when to explant and place a new implant but it appears to be a pretty healthy fixture which will leave a pretty good void when and if removed. Since it is yet to be determined exactly what brand of fixture this is and you may or may not be able to track down genuine parts I will make a suggestion. In an effort to avoid removing this large and seemingly healthy piece of integrated titanium you could cement a post down inside the screw channel and build a post/core. You could then prep the coronal aspect of this fixture which will create a ferrule as well as place the margin in a more desirable apical position. While this sounds crazy it seems better than 1. Using aftermarket parts to restore it in the same configuration with the margin too coronal 2. explanting a seeming healthy and large piece of titanium. I think it is well within the skill set of any decent restorative dentist to build a post/core and prepare a decent crown margin.

Thanks for the info and suggestion!