How to proceed in placing implant?

What would be the best course of action for this case? 57 year old, healthy female broke # 6. The tooth was extracted 6 months ago and graft placed. These images were just taken.

Tim comments:

Looks like an actual treatment plan would have been a good place to start.

Gary comments:

I’m confused or maybe my computer viewer has an issue. I don’t see you have slides of β€œ#6- just taken β€œ?

Kaz comments:

I do not have all of the information to make a good decision but from what I see there are extensive issues with the remaining teeth on the maxilla. To me it looks like the case is an all on x case. If you place an implant now, and more teeth break down in the future, the implant will need to be extracted if an all on x case is done.

Azad Ali Azad comments:

we must not focus on #6 only. the maxillary arch, mandibular one and general health/ expectation of the patient may help us to design a comprehensive management plan

Matt Helm DDS comments:

You should be addressing the #6 as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. You're not treating a #6, but a whole patient. You need to address all the necessary maxillary restorations, INCLUDING restoring mastication to the UL quad. Approach the case as a whole and the #6 will automatically fall into place.

Jig saw comments:

If the patient just wants a single implant at site 6. Use versah. 3.5 by 13 mm implant followed by a buccal veneer graft with xeno graph. 🧐🧐🧐🧐

Scott Bobbitt DMD MAGD DI comments:

IMHO, the replacement of #6 is the uneducated "chief concern" of the patient who is uninformed--best not to enable it further. The "best" course of action is communication with the patient and development of a treatment plan. Have your records completed and any diagnostics for the case (are you addressing the failing/failed restorations? The lack of an occlusion?) and spend the time with the patient to determine options. The CBCT slices you presented are inadequate to determine an appropriate course of action--# 6 isn't in the slices. Just plugging the hole at 6 will not solve the long-term issues, but I find that most patients don't understand or realize that it's even an issue!