How To Add an Event

:warning: You need to be Logged In to Post an Event

It’s easy to create a new event. Please read the instructions below and watch the short video.

  1. Go the Events category.

  2. Click on the “New Topic” button. Fill in a title for your event.

  3. Click on the small “Add Event” calendar icon, beneath the title, to choose the dates for your event. Please note that if your event is more then 1 day, you need to check off the “Event End” at the top of the calendar to add the end date. See the video below.

  4. Follow the template provided in the description box to fill in the other information for your event.

A few things to note:

  • Please use the template provided to fill in the information for your event. Do not delete anything that looks like this “#” or with a “**”. These are the titles for the sections and it allows us to automatically create a table of contents for your event.

  • You can add formatting to the text of any post by using the various tools in the editor. The appearance of your text will show on the right side of the text box. Note: Please do NOT edit any code formatting directly, as it may effect the appearance of your post. Just use the editor tools and watch how your content changes on the side. See the video below for a demo.

  • If you forgot something or need to modify the post after you have shared just look for the pencil icon below your post click this and it will bring you right back to where you were so you can make modifications.

Watch this quick video to learn more: