How do you or your lab choose the gingival height of the Ti base?

  1. How do you or your lab choose the gingival height of the Ti base? Are there any rules or requirements?
  2. If the G/H of the Ti base is high, does the Ti base become more like a stock abutment?
  3. If the G/H of the Ti base is high, can we use the special scan body to scan the Ti base?
  4. What is the relation between the emergence profile and G/H of the Ti base? If the Ti base used is not too far from the gum line, does it contradict the purpose of creating the custom emergence profile? In other words, if you create a custom emergence profile, you always need to use either a custom abutment or a Ti base with low G/H?
  5. I think we need to consider how much sub crestal is the fixture platform at when choosing G/H of the Ti base. But how does the lab technician know about it? Is this the information the dentist needs to provide to the technician every time if the Ti bases are to be used?

Paulo comments:

Good night Doctor , When you get the model in your hands you understand.. All informations will be there

Josh K comments:

There is a tool that screws into the implant with a ruler to measure gingival height. I use this to guide my decision for the height of the TiBase I choose.

mr comments:

try on DSI israel.they have perfect solution.

Dr Pravin Patel Mumbai comments:

There's tool to measure the marking of height of gums from the implant ..if you choose less collar are more close to implant and more subgingival..more subgingival means u have an enough height to give shape and emergence to your crown..more height collar means in general more towards gingival margin or supra gingival..all depends on what u want because anyway this is screw retain crown..luting of crown with ti base is always extra oral..hope it helps..Dr Pravin patel Mumbai

Matt Helm DDS comments:

I have to agree with commenter Paulo. He said it best: "when you get the model in your hands you understand" -- provided, of course, that you took a proper impression. One more "small" detail, FYI: emergence profile is always custom and it should never be dependent on the other parameters. It should flow coronaly naturally from the free gingival margin, and DUPLICATE natural buccal height of contour because, after all, that height of contour does have a function. Do you know what that function is? Considering the novice questions you ask, IMHO you need more training even in basic fixed prosthetics -- lots more training. I strongly suggest you get said training. Good luck.

Jig saw comments:

Think restorative space as well. Many factors🧐🧐🧐🧐