How can I use a Broken implant

My patient broke the internal hex part of the implant , she has an intact adjacent implant and crown. I need to make a new crown on that broken implant.

I couldn’t find a one piece solid abutment for internal hex to bypass the broken hex.
Any ideas ? Maybe a MUA?
Thank you

z comments:

If she broke it, she's going to break it again. If you want to go MacGyver, I guess you could prep out the inside of it so it has divergent walls and make a cast post and core. I don't know what the force effects of that will be on the implant since it's not designed for such a thing but I would imagine it would work.

Aquiles comments:

Look. I’m all for doing the MacGyver on this thing. But DONT! Explain to the patient that the implant needs to be removed and replaced. You don’t want to try and re invent the wheel. Just tell the patient and start over.

Vladi Dvoyris comments:

We have a method to make use of implants with fractured hexagons.

In short, I remove the fractured hex with a diamond bur, then using a special low-speed bur to create a new flat surface - and to that surface, a non-engaging abutment (flat connection) can be attached. Here’s a nice case from my Instagram, describing the method, which was developed by Abracadabra Implants (Israel) - Dr. Vladi Dvoyris on Instagram: "I very rarely share my own #clinicalcases on social media, let alone Instagram. Another implant, another bridge, another denture... But once in a while, there's a real opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. F., 89 years old, spent 14 years with two fractured #dentalimplants and was offered no solution except extractions. She was referred to me, and after initial diagnosis and treatment planning (aided by #Diagnocat #ai #dentalai ), I performed an SOS procedure by #abracadabraimplants to salvage the implants and restore them with a new bridge. See the case in the post and comment if you like what you see. @abracadabraclinic @abracadabraimplants @diagnocat_official @diagnocatisrael #implantdentistry #oralimplantology"

However, and this is important - you need to figure out why did the hex fracture in the first place. Was it improper distribution of occlusal forces (which is usually the case)? I also think that restoring two adjacent implants with separate crowns can in many cases be a less optimal solution, despite our best intentions.

O O comments:

Nice idea but in the USA we dont have those abutments.

Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS comments:

I agree with Aquiles. Game over for that implant. Also agree with Dr Dvoyris to figure out the cause.