Gum disease and pockets

I am in my 60s. I have maintained my gum disease for many years with regular cleaning and follow ups with dentists.

Recently, i had an infection in my third molar which subsided after a course of antibiotic. However, the dentists i saw recommends tooth extraction as he sees bone loss in the area.

I wonder if the tooth can be saved. As of now i do not have any pain.

I would appreciate any advise.

We CANNOT answer that question without an X-ray and then actual Clinical exam, + patient’s medical and social history. I have patients/people ask me random questions over the phone, again, Dentistry is Medicine, you won’t ask if a Cardiologist should place a stent or Bi-pass without meeting/consulting with another doctor for 2nd opinion, would you?

I will partially agree with Dr. Moe except that as a Board Certified Periodontist I do not consider what I do to be anywhere near that of a cardiologist… for those of you that have see Hangover I am not a doctor I am a dentist. All joking aside though I cannot imagine too many scenarios in which I would treat an infected 3rd molar on a 60 year old with anything other than extraction. There are certainly exceptions to this statement but I would tend to side with the individual who suggested extraction as that is the most likely remedy for a symptomatic 3rd molar.

This is a forum for dentists only.
Please respect that and stop trying to obtain a second opinion or diagnosis via the internet