Grafting around implant at time of placement: predictable?

How predictable is it to graft the defect around this implant at the time of placement? The major factors I considered in this case were the presence of the implant within the bony housing and the quality of the soft tissue. As can be seen in the photos below, with proper GBR technique, we should be able to achieve a satisfactory result when grafting at the time of placement when certain considerations are met. What has been your experience in these types of cases?

Excellent result and could you please explain why you chose to make the restoration so short. I can understand this if it were an immediate provisional but this appears to be after re-entry and complete integration.

Nevermind my eyes were playing tricks on me as this is a lateral incisor and when I first looked at the final photo I thought it was a central. Nice job!!!

Great Case. This is a normal approach for me and a good result in your hands. On occasion I may even place a healing abutment at step 1. It depends on the size of the graft and oral health of my patient.

Yes, these work well .
NIce job. When I have any doubts about membrane graft stability,f use tacks.