Fractured or Broken Screw Kit Compatibility

To use the fractured or broken screw removal took kit, you need to place guides on the implants. The fractured screw removal tool kit comes with 6 standard guides to fit popular implant systems. The exact systems the guides are compatible with is detailed below. In addition, you can purchase 7 other types of guides that fit with other implant systems, also detailed below. The price of additional screw removal guides is $75 per guide.

:information_source: Need Instructions? Fractured Screw Instructions

Why do you need the implant guides?

The guides protect the internal aspect of the implant body from the damaging effects of drills touching the threaded internal surface. The guide abutment system also allows the initial drill and the reverse tip to be positioned in the center of the broken screw.

Guides are ONLY compatible with Specific Implant Systems (Brand/Type)

The Guides are manufactured to fit specific implants. If you don’t have the correct Guide for a particular implant system, the kit will not work, and you may damage the implant. As there are many different kinds of implant systems, the manufacturer simply can’t make a guide for every single implant system.

To see a complete compatibility list, see our Compatibility Chart.

:warning: The existing Broken Screw Kit is NOT indicated for narrow implants. For those types of implants see our Narrow Implant Broken Screw Removal Tool Kit which removes broken screws for narrow implants from Straumann BL, Nobel Active, Astra Narrow, and Implant Direct Legacy implants.