Forgetting insertion torque

What if I forgot to torque the implant by ratchet after placement during surgery? Implant was inserted using the handpiece. Is there a chance of osseointegration failure? Bone was D4. Implants #30,31

What was the torque value you had set on your Motor? I usually set it to 30Ncms, and go up as implant being inserted reaches torque level. Don’t have to torque it with ratchet.

Motor was set at 45-50Ncm. I thought I had to torque manuslly using the ratchet even after placing by the handpiece

You can use either the hand ratchet or motor fully or both together. Just because you did not use the hand ratchet should have no effect on the outcome. I typically do guided surgery and the mostly use the motor for placement. I use iChiro so it can give me the actual value of what I placed implant width. I only use the hand ratchet in cases when implant does not go to full depth due to intentional under preparation of the surgical site. In those cases I will use the hand ratchet to reverse torque the implant and then retorque to desired torque.

No problem… Personally I am about 50:50 having to utilize a hand ratchet when placing fixtures. Depending on the system being used it might be more or less frequent but in general the more tapered the implant is that you are placing the more anticipated insertion torque. With that being said I have experienced the highest number of failures with implants placed at high torque utilizing the hand ratchet. On the flip side I have experienced very few failures using parallel walled tissue level fixtures which are routinely placed at roughly 10-20 Ncm. I say roughly because I leave my motor set at 40Ncm and only utilize my ratchet when it bottoms out so I am just guessing at any torque value below this. One thing I can confirm is that initial insertion torque has very little, if any, to do with successful integration and I would much rather have a low insertion torque than extremely high torque. Bottom line is don’t sweat it and certainly don’t complicate it. This is just my opinion based on my own experiences over the past two decades of doing this…