Failing implants: worth trying to save?

Pt has been referred to me in order to fix UR recurrent infection.
Just got the CBCT, not seen the pt yet.
Do u think these implants worth trying to save them?
Is the interproximal bone loss that extended or it’s seems worse because of the x ray?

Dr KG comments:

You can't save these, even if you wanted to.

John Beckwith DMD,DABOI comments:

Remove, graft and sinus augmentation . Delay implant placement. Soft tissue graft if needed

DrT comments:

If you think you are God, then try to save them!!

Greg KammeyerDDS,MS,DABOI comments:

I will guess you have significant PPD's (>7mm) at several places around them. If so I agree with Dr Beckwith. If not, the proximal CT slices show a lot of bone support for each implant. IF the keratinized tissue is present and there is no recession, no significant PPD's, no BOP, then I would maintain them until you are sure the bone loss is progressive or you can show more detailed films (like PA's) to assess proximal bone between implants. The buccal view leaves a lot less to be desired.

I heard a lecture at the Keystone meeting that showed research that adjacent implants such as these tend to have too little blood supply, much like the ideal buccal 2mm of bone is needed for supportive vascularity.

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