Facilitate Healing in Bone Regeneration with Amnion-Chorion Membranes

In more challenging cases of bone regeneration, sometimes you need something extra to help facilitate healing. In some of these situations, I have been reaching for Amnion Chorion membranes. These membranes have been used clinically in ophthalmology for many years, but are still not commonplace in dentistry. Amnion chorion membranes, are rich in growth factors and therefore have great potential in dual-layer membrane techniques, to contribute these growth factors into the site. In the case below. In this case, I used the DALI Amnion-Chorion membrane (Picture 4) in combination with the OsseoSeal Collagen Membrane. The good thing about the DALI Amnion-Chorion membrane is that because of its thin structure, it does not increase the overall volume of the regenerative site, so that primary closure is not compromised. The key to using the DALI Amnion-Chorion membrane is to handle and place it over the site completely dry . If it becomes wet before placement, it has a tendency to fold over on itself and will become much harder to handle and manipulate.


(Bone graft with DALI Mineralized Cortical Cancellous)

(Placement of OsseoSeal Collagen Membrane)

(Placement of DALI Amnion-Chorion Membrane on top of the OsseoSeal Membrane)