DALI Dermis for Soft Tissue Grafting

This video demonstrates the use of DALI Acellular Dermis for soft tissue grafting, specifically for root coverage. The case deals with a recession in the upper right quadrant, in 4, 5 and 6. 4 & 5 have recession, but had pretty adequate zone of keratinized tissue. While 6 had more severe recession, and did not have adequate keratinized tissue.

Acellular dermal matrix (ADM) or acellular dermis, has the natural elasticity of human skin. It is generally used for root coverage, gingival augmentation, or soft tissue augmentation around implants, as an alternative to autogenous tissue harvesting. Considering the pain that many patients experience following autogenous tissue harvesting, especially in the palate, it is essential to have alternative when the need arises.

Actually, in the case shown here, a combination approach was used, where a small piece of tissue was harvested for one tooth (#6), while DALI acellular dermis, was used for the other areas of recession. The connective tissue was used for 6, because it did not have adequate zone of keratinized tissue, per the comments above.

Overall, DALI Dermis is very easy to handle, and prepare. It can be soaked in saline for around 1 minute prior to placement. Generally, for stabilization of the graft, it is helpful to use sutures to mattress over the graft instead of piercing the graft.

As you can see in the video, when comparing the pre-op vs the post-op at 3 months, the result was excellent, root coverage was achieved, the tissue is thick and healthy (compare the color and tone of tissue preop to post op), and there is a nice zone of keratinized tissue around all the teeth.

DALI Dermis for Soft Tissue Grafting 1

DALI Dermis for Soft Tissue Grafting 2

smartzookie comments:

Be great to add either PRP on the dermis or PRF layers over it for optimal healing!

I agree- every growth factor helps! :slightly_smiling_face: