Bisphosphonate discontinued six months back.Implants recommended?

Female patient ,50 yrs old had used Bisphosphonates for one and half years and discontinued for the last six months. Can i go ahead with dental implants? If yes, what additional precautions need to be considered.
Dr.M.Nagendra Kumar

For one, I would make sure to have a comprehensive consent form specifically informing the patient about the risks related to bisphosphonate use and implant therapy. I would also equip myself as a clinician to deal with any potential complications in the future and what roadmap I would take to deal with it. It also might be a good idea to consult with some experts in the field (see Dr. Marx’s protocol) before getting into the case.

If you want to be sure, have get a CTX test through Senora Quest labs: First thing am blood draw, and they process it at one of their bigger labs. There are standards for when it’s safe, not safe and questionable. According to Marx, it’s the same test the manufactures used to demonstrate safety.