Benacel Dental Dressing - Q&A

Below is a great Q&A on Benacel Dental Dressing a dressing that is made from biocompatible oxidized cellulose and contains no chemical additives.

Below is a great Q&A on Benacel Dental Dressing a dressing that is made from biocompatible oxidized cellulose and contains no chemical additives. Q&A is with Tommy Murph DMD, who provides advanced hands-on extraction training courses.

How long have you used BenaCel® Dental dressing? What do you use BenaCel® mostly for?

  • I’ve used Benacel for over 7 years, and mostly for the prevention of Dry Sockets.

Prior to BenaCel® Dental Dressing, what products did you use and why did you decide to switch to BenaCel® Dental Dressing?

  • Prior to Benacel I used Gel-Foam mostly. Benacel is so much easier to use and costs less.

There are several configurations of BenaCel®. How do you decide which configuration is preferred for each case?

  • Very Simple…Size One (5X7) is for small conical sockets, Size 2 (15x15) is for lower molars and buccal roots of upper molars, Size 3 (6X8) is for Large conical roots and sinus perforations

Is BenaCel® easy to use and what is the best way to use it?

  • Very Easy too use. Many new BenaCel® users don’t put it in deep enough. You have to pack it down into the socket so it doesn’t come out

How long does it takes for BenaCel® to resorb?

  • It varies from 1 to 2 weeks, or more, depending on the amount of BenaCel® used and bleeding conditions.

After placing BenaCel® in the socket, do you retain the material with sutures? If so, what sutures do you use and how do you place the sutures to retain BenaCel®?

  • Only if there is a sinus perforation to prevent the material from dislodging into the sinus space. Chromic Gut is my suture of choice and I run the suture through the hole in the size 1 and 3 BenaCel® before closing a sinus perforation.

Have you used BenaCel® on patients who take blood thinner, such as Aspirin® or Coumadin®?

  • BenaCel® is mandatory for any patient on a blood thinner. Just common sense that you want to do everything possible to get a clot and maintain a clot in this patient group.

Have you used BenaCel® for any another purpose, other than bleeding and dry socket management?

  • I use it mainly for dry socket prevention, but you can use it to TREAT a dry socket that presents to your office by cleaning the socket, packing with BenaCel® and then suturing the socket closed.

Have your patients encountered any allergic reactions or complaints due to BenaCel®?

  • Never, on the contrary we have had some patients report to us that they had STOPPED smoking and wondered if the material had any chemical composition that would make them not want to smoke. As far as I know it doesn’t, but we tell them Congratulations, glad we could help you stop smoking.

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